Top 5 start-up Fin Tech for young application-based investors

In his book “Only Paranoid Survive“, a semiconductor industry legend and founder of Intel, Andrew S. Grove gives an in-depth idea of ​​the strategic breaking point (SIP). Describing it as a critical transformation in an industry, Andrew justifies how SIP affects the company and forces it to change from in terms of process, systems, products and sometimes identity, the financial field, while remaining the same in its motive for saving and finding better ways to invest money, has come a long way from banks to mutual funds, stocks and bonds. is not rocket science, finance has been taken to new dimensions of investment and cost management, thanks to evolution due to the theory of strategic points of inflation.The next chapter of finance has already been introduced through mobile applications that allow easy investment. fintech applications, we explore five of the most promising investment-oriented fintech startups in the world that are excluded highly mobile.

1. Inuit Mint: Mint is a personal banking investment advice application designed in an easy-to-access interface. It monitors your income, savings, investments and based on them creates a budget and recommends consumer spending. With Mint, you don’t have to worry about checking your account statements or checking all pending accounts. You can also find ways to keep your credit rating higher and consistent. This one-touch financial manager automates your expenses to your income to make you achieve your financial goals in a reasonable amount of time.

2. A hiding place: By bringing the investment threshold to something as low as $ 5, Stash creates a different niche for potential investors. Stash is an investment platform for beginners, which promotes about 30 different investment opportunities, from which one can choose according to their preferences and goals. These investment options are prepared through intensive technical and market reports. In addition, when you start investing through Stash, it provides you with personalized recommendations and investment opportunities to get a better return. How does Stash manage to start an investment with just under $ 5? Well, these small amounts are used to record these investments in fractions.

3. Learn and invest from Rubicoin: “Learning by practicing” When you browse the Rubicoin website, you find their motive in the view. They came up with two applications: Learn and Invest, whose ultimate goal is crystal clear from their very name. Through Learn you get access to some valuable micro investment lessons that are published in non-specialized language and can be easily understood by everyone. Its purpose is to create an understanding of investment needs and instill confidence in you as you invest. Updated and enriched all the time, Learn gives you access to video, text and even audio tutorials when investing. Added to this is the blog shared by CFO Invest, on the other hand, it is a stock investment interface application that helps in creating and managing an investment portfolio. It has partnered with some of the best online brokerage services and is currently only available to iOS users. It is expected to learn and invest from Rubicoin in late 2016 in the Play Store.

4. Acorns: One of the most innovative ideas for automating savings and taking care of your change is Acorn. Acorn is a start-up company for Micro Investing. This idea of ​​micro investing is not related to start-up companies, but to a small amount of money that is invested. To use Acorn, you must first link all your accounts and cards to this app. Then, when you make a purchase through these accounts, and the backup change you receive in these costs is invested.

5. FinoZen: FinoZen believes in a philosophy of investing in short-term liquid mutual funds, rather than keeping your money at lower interest rates, collecting a savings account. An Indian startup, Finozen has attracted many interns and young employees who want to easily dispose of funds without trading in favor of a higher return on their investment. This Android fintech app can only be used for $ 2 and collects about 7-8%. FinoZen makes it easy to daily update your return on investment and easy transactions from your savings account to your FinoZen account and vice versa. It is interesting how the scenario for financial consulting and investment has developed in order to correspond to the consultations for each purse and purpose.

The five mobile applications mentioned above have created the era of digital investment, adding mobility, comfort and always active technical support to customers at almost zero prices. Yes, it is worth seeing how promising they turn out to be for their clients and whether they can ultimately reproduce the human comfort factor in the world of finance.