Main causes of financial problems

8 Reasons for financial failure To fight financially? Many people are, although they give everyone the impression that they have done everything. They work, live in a nice house and drive a nice car, but they live from day to salary. Here are 8 main causes of poverty in the first world. cryptocurrency prices live […]

Financial antivirus stimulus packages and gold

Unfortunately, the new coronavirus is deadly not only to humans but also to the world economy. Central banks have fired their bazookas, but monetary policy has been helpless during pandemics with their supply disruptions and self-quarantine effectively freezing economic activity. Interestingly, even central bankers seem to acknowledge their impotence. As Jerome Powell said during his […]

Steps to build a strong financial foundation

Are you the master of your wealth? You must be! To build a solid structure, you need to start with a solid financial foundation that will take care of you now, while consolidating your future goals. What do you need to do to put this structure in place? This is incredibly clear. The tactics below […]

Make sense of your finances

The reality is that money comes and goes; more important is how you handle your funds. Long ago, when I learned how money works; the rule of 72 was an eye opener. Rule 72 is an easy way to determine how long it takes for your funds to double; it is based on an annual […]